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i am s o tired n slep


— the dog pissperer (@bro_no_way)November 12, 2012

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"The difference two years can make."


hanging out with that weird friend who shows you unfunny youtube videos for two hours


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Me when I have to change the hamster cages at work


It just occurred to me that the main reason that “coming out as an ally” shouldn’t be a thing is because if you’re actually an ally, people should already know. Being an ally means calling people on their homophobic, transphobic, and binarist shit. Being an ally means actually doing activism, generally where people can see you. If you’re so meek about it that the bigots in your life would be surprised about you not being one of them, then you might not actually be an ally.

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I follow the Instagram of this dog that lives in japan and its owner posted a video of these old Japanese men petting it and the first comment I see is “surprised they didn’t eat it” and my attitude now is 😕


I’d really like it if we could retire the phrase “bi women are sexually available to men” forever. It’s such a clinical and objectifying way to talk about bi/pan women, like were just a bunch of fuckholes waiting around for men to use us and dispose of us. Not only does it trivialize (and kind of imply that we’re to blame for) the abuse we receive from men, it also reinforces the cultural attitudes about bi women that lead to us being hypersexualized and fetishized, and it’s that hypersexualization and fetishization that tells men they have the right to harass us and assault us and get away with it.

I know those who use “sexually available to men” as a way to describe bi women aren’t doing so maliciously, but regardless of the intent, it is harmful. There’s, like, 500 other ways you can express the sentiment “some bi women date and sleep with men” without saying that we’re “sexually available” to them. 

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like i’d be terrified to move to america purely because i could randomly get shot by a private handgun (wtf) and then be charged for medical treatment (double wtf)

wow i never really realized how crazy that logic is until i read this

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oh you got a new crush? i see………….

*deletes conversation and blocks contact on my phone*

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I have spoken with God and he has joined the Sonic Fandom.

look at the incredibly buff shadow the hedgehog in particular

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